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hey guys! new icons :D
i wanna be pretty fast since next sunday i'm going out of town for a week.
so my goal is to get another batch out after this.
and i promise: the PSD will be sent out soon!
my messages are acting all fucky again which is really starting
to piss me off. so please be patient with me
and i did contact livejournal again... hopefully they'll email me back.
ok so in this batch: kristen, new moon, eclipse, robsten, and leighton meester. :)


you're gonna see me in your dreams tonightCollapse )  
05 March 2011 @ 10:33 pm

hey guys! new batch. :-) this batch is pretty simple.
in this post: kristen, ashley, twilight, and remember me. :)
if you like or use, comment. :)
credit me. xbreathee or my name: faith.
these are not bases!!
and the color i used for my kristen icons are a color that i have made and some of you have it. maybe you'll figure it out. :)
enjoy ♥


i'll make you black and blueCollapse ) 
25 February 2011 @ 11:50 pm

hey guys. new icons. no psd this time. i kinda didn't feel like making one. :)
in this batch: kristen stewart, robert pattinson, ashley greene, gossip girl, eclipse, new moon, into the wild, and blake lively.
{btw, the psd will be sent out soon! my messages are acting kinda weird and i have contacted livejournal about it. so maybe in a week by now, everyone will have it!}

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08 February 2011 @ 07:55 pm
oh my gosh! it's been forever since i updated!
i needed a break for a while... i just got stressed over this.
but no worries - i am back! i hope you guys aren't mad
at me over the psd issue. my computer broke
and i was without it for like, 3 weeks.
i died! but no worries - i will make sure everyone gets the last psd
and this one! ;D
in this batch:
eclipse, WTTR, fierce people, kristen stewart, adventureland, new mooon. :-)

comment for the psd - examples at the end!
i will only send the psd for two weeks. if its after that,
im not gonna send it anymore. but if you really want it,
all you have to do is msg me! :D
btw: make sure your msgs are unlocked, if they aren't add me as a friend
so that i can send you the PSD. and if you ask
me from twitter, i cant send you you it!
ok just thats taken care of. :-)

you feel like paradise.Collapse )  

10 November 2010 @ 09:24 pm

hey guys! i was pretty fast...
i saw new robsten photos and i just died
and went to heaven. x3 hhahaha they are so cute!
they were holding hands offset which is just my dream
coming true. and another psd.
nothing new :) comment if you want.
examples at the end of the post.
in this batch: kristen and robsten :D

hey guys! im so sorry if i haven't sent the psd to anyone...
i needed a short break. i promise in the next week or so,
you'll get the psd. i felt very... idk stressed? over it.
so, if you do complain about not getting it -
it doesn't make things simple for me.
so thanks for being patient. :)

NEW UPDATE: 1.1.11
hey guys! i am very deeply sorry!
my computer broke about a week ago and its still not fixed.
i haven't had a chance to bring it in becuase of holidays.
i promise once i get my computer fixed, i will send the PSD.
thanks so much for waiting! i promise the wait won't be much longer.
i will also come back to LJ :)


- dont steal lovelies and claim it your own.
- not bases
- comment if use and or credit.
- enjoy!



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